The A1 Longarm is the smoothest, quietest, easiest to maintain machine made.

A1 Elite Longarm Quilting Machine

Standard features on the Professional Favourite Platinum:

  • Throat size: 9" by 23" Quilting space 16" – 17".
  • LED touch screen Standard with a 7" monitor.
  • Most Accurate stitch regulator on the market today.
  • Four stitch modes: Elite mode, Cruise mode, Baste mode and Manual mode. Accurate stitches from 2 stitches per inch to 22.
  • Ergo grip patented fully ergonomically adjustable handlebars with the only truly multi positional handles.
  • Ergo lift hydraulic height adjustable table.
  • M bobbin (double capacity) plus Stand-alone Bobbin Winder.
  • Laser light.
  • Extended Base and A1 Ruler.
  • Batting Access Lockable Lifting Lever.
  • Stability/comfort upper roller.
  • Tracknology Wheel and Track System – superior smooth wheels with aluminum one piece track for rails and carriage.
  • LED Lights, both extra bright and dimmers plus Black lights built in.
  • Saddle Stool.
  • Professional Set-up.

Optional features: (additional charges will apply):

  • "Your Choice" color Palette – personalize your machine – choose your favorite colour.
  • Versatile table lengths.
  • Swivel Casters.
  • Magic Mat – cutting mat to fit your table.
  • Quilting feet
  • The set of five interchangeable feet includes Three Couching Feet, (Small, Medium, and Large sized holes for various sized Yarns and Fibers) the traditional Quilting foot, the Open Toe Quilting Foot, and the adapter post.

    There are Two additional feet avaliable:

    • The Spoon Foot: Useful for Pantograph work, Computerized Quilting, the foot allows easy transition onto the Quilt from the edge of the layers.
    • The Stipple/Applique Foot: This Foot is 1/4" in diameter, allowing you to get very close to your work. (Applique, Echo Quilting, Etc.)

You've heard it all your life: little things mean a lot. Details make the difference between just another quilt and your work of art. Old proverbs wouldn't last long if they didn't have a serious ring of truth to them. As one of the original quilting machine manufacturers, we believe we're here today because we pay serious attention to details in creating the most precision–machined, hand–guided, long–arm quilting machine in the world.

We invite you to examine the details, welcome your questions and hope you'll compare our latest model, the 923 A1 Long Arm, with any other machine on the market.

This isn't just a sewing machine–it's a revolution in quilting machine technology.

Price USD $18,900

"Best Seller!"

**A1 Elite Professional Favorite Package**

  • A1 Elite Platinum Machine Head – Throat Space 9" x 23", weight 54 lbs.
  • M bobbin
  • Elite Platinum Stitch Regulator with Needle Positioner
  • 7" Touch Screen
  • Ergo Grip Adjustable Handles
  • Ergo Pro 12' Steel Table
  • Batting Access Lifting Lever
  • Bobbin Winder
  • Ergo Pro Table with Remote Control
  • Laser Light and Stylus
  • Saddle Stool
  • King Base and Ruler**Starter supplies included in this package.

Price USD $15,900

2' Extension USD $499

**A1 Symphony Package**

  • A1 Elite Platinum Machine Head – Throat Space 9" x 23", weight 54 lbs.
  • M bobbin
  • Elite Platinum Stitch Regulator with Needle Positioner
  • 7" Touch Screen
  • Ergo Grip Adjustable Handles
  • Batting Access & Pivot
  • Bobbin Winder
  • Symphony Table – set up as 5', 10', or 12'

Please contact us for a quote in AUD which will be subject to exchange rates until paid in full.

3 year warranty
Free Software upgrades for 3 years (labor not included) on all machines
Crating fee included (shipping charge will be extra and is based on best quote from 3 carriers.)
**Starter supplies include: Bobbin winder, 20 bobbins, 1 extra bobbin case, 4 package of needles, 6,000 yards of quilting thread, oil, T-pins, Stewart Plank's Timing and Tension DVD, and A1 logo magnetic pin holder.

Australian prices subject to exchange rates at time of purchase. Shipping, customs & GST are not included.
Please contact us for a quote!


Introducing the 31" throat Horizon A1 Quilting Machine

Click here to download the features & options for this new machine.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To Make the Best Quilting Machine in the World"

Stewart Plank has used his machine shop and aircraft mechanic skills to design and develop the finest, smoothest operating quilting machine in the world! The NEW Platinum Stitch Regulator is no doubt, the Smoothest and most accurate on the Market today! A1 Quilting Machines are Made in the USA.

To find out much, much more about these excellent machines visit the A1 Quilting Machines website here.

Just for history's sake take a look at this!!

We have certainly come a long way since then,
BUT even back then we were trying to make quilts faster!!